Hay Identification

Christopher Stankus, owner of Lucky Duck Landing Farms, will hold a discussion

on the different types of hays offered at Lucky Duck Landing Farms

and how to decipher what is in your hay bales.

Hay customers visit Lucky Duck Landing Farms and ask about the different hays and how to identify them.  I had a sample of each hay and would educate individuals who were curious.


Knowing the hay types and being able to identify them is a part of owning a  horse. 


Just recently I was called to buy hay for an attractive price.  When I arrived I was shown a bale and I immediately recognized the foxtail, which is not recommended forage sources for horses.  Recognizing that foxtail head saved me time and headache because I not only sell hay but my wife feeds all the horses our hay.


My class will include sample of each hay with a power point presentation.

To see what hay Lucky Duck Landing Farms has in stock, check out our Hay Page!

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